The best weight loss tips for men

Physical appearance is important not only for women but for men as well. Although we usually don’t spend a lot of time doing our hair or preparing for the party, we also like to feel good in our skin. But, sometimes not everything goes by our plan. When we are out of shape, overweight or we struggle to lose pounds, our self-confidence is majorly affected.  And, as a result, our low self-esteem can leave us feeling pretty down.  This, furthermore, affects our overall appearance. Cool clothes and expensive accessories are all for nothing if we don’t feel good about ourselves. Our bank account, job title and our dream car are great, but they can’t fix our self-image in the long run. The good news is we have all the power in our hands to transform both how we look and feel. Start by implementing healthy habits into your routine and try weight loss tips for men that bring the results. Remember – when you feel strong and healthy, and you love the way your body looks, you will walk into any room with confidence.running


Say Yes to veggies and No to processed foods

How often do you catch yourself in front of the fridge in the middle of the night? Or spend hours watching Netflix and enjoying your favorite pizza or fried chicken sticks? If the answer is too often, it’s time for radical changes. Although delicious, processed foods aren’t your friend when it comes to losing weight. Processed foods contain a large amount of sodium and other unhealthy ingredients that can damage your body. Too much sodium can't only hurt your heart but lead to many other medical problems too. According to science, people over the age of two should consume only around 2,300 milligrams of sodium per day. You would be surprised by the amount of sodium you consume daily, once you begin checking nutrition fact labels. So, instead of going with processed foods and fast-food options, try more healthy meal options. Fresh vegetables, fruits and natural sources of proteins like eggs, mushrooms, and cheese can really help you transform your weight. Keep in mind that even frozen and canned fruits and vegetables are a better alternative to fast food and processed meals. veggies

Don’t skip breakfast

Many nutritionists believe that breakfast is the most important meal in a day. Studies have also shown that those who don’t skip breakfast are more successful with weight loss. When you eat properly in the morning, you will not only feel more energized but stay full until lunch. This means you won’t need to eat a snack or two in the meantime. As a result, you will cut your calorie intake and boost your metabolism to start burning fats. The best option is a breakfast rich in protein and fat. From scrambled eggs, healthy smoothie, Greek yogurt with blueberries and banana to sandwich with avocado, cheese and a piece of meat – options are endless.breakfast


Start cooking

Among many weight loss tips for men, this is one of our favorites. Although, fast food may seem like a good option since it requires zero preparation time, when it comes to losing weight it won’t do you any good. In order to lose weight and stay in shape, you need healthy, homemade meals prepared with carefully selected ingredients. There are even studies that prove that eating home-cooked meals can reduce the amount of fat, sugar, and carbohydrates you eat. This all means one thing – it’s time you start learning how to cook easy meals for yourself.  Choose the ingredients rich in vitamins, minerals and proteins. You can easily prepare a delicious soup, spinach, fish or any sort of meat (chicken for example). Also, if needed, try to bake, not fry. This will not only save calories but lower your risk of heart disease as well. Experiment with vegetables, try new spices and have


Meal replacement shakes

The best part about meal replacement shakes is that they are ready-made, so you need no time to prepare a meal of your dreams. If you want the combination of best-quality ingredients, vitamins, proteins, and minerals, try Body’s perfect weight loss shake for men. Certified by experts and made in Germany, this product is not only healthy, but tastes amazing as well. Enjoy vanilla and chocolate flavors and feel more energized, strong and healthy. Start by replacing one meal with our groundbreaking meal replacement shake to cut the calories. For better results, use this product twice a day (breakfast/dinner for example). weight loss shake for men

Drink water, forget soda

Water is a source of life, and one of your best friends when it comes to weight loss. That’s why so many weight loss programs recommend it’s large intake. Firstly, water makes us hydrated. This helps our body get rid of toxins and function better. Since dehydration causes versatile issues within our body (headaches, tiredness, confusion, etc.), do your best to increase your water consumption. Drink at least 8 glasses of water per day.  As a result, your appetite will decrease and you will feel fuller for longer. Another benefit of water consumption is in burning fats. So, next time you want to grab a soda, beer or any sort of alcohol, do yourself a favor and have a glass of water instead.drink water

Do the inner work

Stress can damage our body and mental health. It triggers our hormones, increases the heart rate and makes us more prone to infections. One of the ways people commonly deal with stress is overeating. In order to stay fit and lose weight with success, you need to stay stress-free. Yes, stress is an integral part of our life, but with a few tips, we can learn how to deal with it more constructively. We recommend you to start meditating. The long tradition of meditation and the list of leaders that practice it daily should inspire you to give it a try. All you need is one hour each day and a quiet place where you can sit and just observe your thoughts. It will be chaotic in the beginning, but it will clear out as time passes. Just breathe in and let every emotion that wants to come out, come out. Don’t try to explain it to yourself, don’t try to find a hidden meaning – just observe. If you’re not that into meditation, try coaching. With the right mentor who can inspire you to try new things and change old habits, losing weight will become a complete joy. Also, don’t be ashamed to express your feelings. Remember, a real man is the one that has the courage to say how he feels and not to feel bad about it.stress-free

Work out regularly

There are many weight loss tips for men out there, but they all agree on one thing – intensive physical activity is crucial. The good news is you only need 30 mins of daily activity to kickstart your weight loss results. Start with short walks, continue with running and then try personal or group gym trainings. Options are endless. Our favorites are HIIT trainings that will help you burn fats fast in combo with weight lifting.


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