Garcinia cambogia

This nutrient-rich fruit has a high proportion of hydroxycitric acid which is extracted from the peel. The acid has the positive effect of regulating carbohydrate intake. Experts have found that Garcinia cambogia helps the body accelerate weight loss. The hydroxycitric acid contained in the fruit helps metabolize fats: Garcinia cambogia inhibits fat absorption, stimulates fat metabolism, and can thus help with weight loss. That is why Garcinia cambogia has a reputation for being an efficient dietary supplement, especially for women. At the same time, the brain receives the signal that there is a feeling of satiety. There are no food cravings and the fruit ensures that less food is consumed.

  • Regulates fat metabolism
  • Inhibits fat intake
  • Prolongs feeling of fullness
  • Prevents food cravings
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