Ginger rootstock powder (Zingiber officinale L.)

Ginger contains up to 160 researched ingredients that fulfill various important functions in the body. Due to its sharpness, it is particularly considered to be a natural metabolism activator. The sharpness ensures an increased blood circulation and warming of the body, which stimulates the metabolic processes. Because ginger really heats up the body - similar to chili - it is considered to be a calorie killer. Because ginger has a positive effect on digestion by stimulating the flow of saliva and gastric juices and thus accelerating the digestive process. This helps the body lose weight and detox. Ginger also supports the body in breaking down pollutants. Ginger contains the spicy substances gingerol and shogaol. The composition of gingerol is similar to that of acetylsalicylic acid, which we know from pain relievers. As a result, ginger is also considered an aspirin of nature: it has an anti-inflammatory, analgesic and expectorant effect. As a tea, it helps with digestive problems as well as cramps and flatulence. According to studies, ginger wraps are also good for muscle tension thanks to their warming effect.

  • Metabolism
  • Circulation
  • Purification
  • Digestion
  • Pollutant degradation
  • Antidote for cramps, muscle tension and flatulence

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