Honey is considered the health care product par excellence and is not called liquid gold for nothing. It is one of the oldest, most traditional foods known to mankind. This is not only due to its taste, but also because of the many healthy substances it contains. Natural bee honey contains more than 180 natural substances. In addition to enzymes, vitamins and minerals, it also contains acids, amino acids as well as health-promoting hormones and natural antibiotics, which is why it is also considered to be a natural remedy. In addition, honey has a lower calorie content than conventional sugar, but a stronger sweetness. If honey is used for sweetening, a smaller amount is sufficient, and, therefore, calories are saved. The sugar compounds contained in honey are also less burdensome on the metabolism compared to table sugar: they lead to less fluctuations in the blood sugar level, resulting in less food cravings. This can be a great advantage, especially for people who are overweight or want to lose weight. Another advantage: bee honey preserves our beauty! In many cultures, the sweet nectar is very important as a beauty agent. Whether pure or as an ingredient in care products: honey is good for skin and hair and is suitable for everyone.

  • Prevention of cravings
  • Body-friendly sweetener
  • Regulation of blood sugar levels
  • Natural remidies
  • Beauty products
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