L-ascorbic acid

Ceylon cinnamon is often referred to as the natural or original cinnamon. Certain ingredients in cinnamon influence the blood sugar level and support the metabolism positively. Taking cinnamon every day lowers your blood sugar by about 30 percent. When blood sugar levels are kept low, your body metabolizes more fat. After consuming cinnamon once, your blood sugar level will drop for a day or two. You can achieve the best results if you consume cinnamon several times a day. Cinnamon not only stimulates the metabolism, but also increases the body's temperature, which stimulates fat burning. And not only that: if you consume cinnamon regularly, you will be burning even more calories than usual in all your sporting activities! In addition, cinnamon slows gastric emptying and has been proven to keep you full for longer. With its sweet aroma, cinnamon naturally also prevents cravings.


  • Fat metabolism
  • Iron absorption
  • Hormone and neurotransmitter formation
  • Positive effect on the skin
  • Reduction of heart attacks and stroke risks
  • Production of messenger substances
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Strengthens connective tissue, bones and teeth
  • Nervous system

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