Rosehip extract

Rosehip is one of the highest quality vitamin C suppliers and also supports you in losing weight. The fruit provides alkalis and thus compensates for a diet with animal products, coffee, alcohol and sugar. The ingredients of the rosehip bind the fats and sugars in the food and support the metabolism. The rosehip also has an extremely high vitamin C content. For every 100g there are 1,250mg of vitamin C. (For comparison: an orange or lemon contains only 50mg of vitamin C from the same amount). This natural and very high-quality vitamin C supports our immune system and protects against colds. This makes rose hip one of the highest quality vitamin C suppliers in our body. Radical scavengers (including vitamin C), which are contained in rose hip, contribute to a stronger immune system, since the body's own radical scavengers are not sufficient to intercept all pathogenic radicals formed in the metabolism. But vitamin C is also essential for other functions of our body: gums and teeth, skin, bones as well as our nervous and immune system - all of these functions are supported by vitamin C.


    • Ultimate Vitamin C supplier
    • Metabolism
    • Immune system
    • Nervous system
    • Positive effect on teeth, skin and bones

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