Body’s Perfect weight loss products for men are infused with a high percentage of proteins, vitamins and minerals that boost metabolism, support the immune system and improve our overall health. Each of our products - weight loss shake for men, Burn capsules for men, and Slim capsules for men – is rich in amazing whey protein. This high-quality protein, not only contains all the essential amino acids our body needs but is also easy to absorb and easily digestible.

As one of the best dietary sources of protein, whey protein is the core of our weight loss collection you can purchase directly via our online shop.

• Replace two of your daily main meals with Body’s Perfect weight loss shake for men that will help you reach the required calorie deficit your body needs to lose weight. This groundbreaking weight loss product for men comes in two tastes – vanilla and chocolate and integrates versatile, low-calorie healthy ingredients. With 25 essential vitamins, minerals and trace elements, it’s ideal for everyone from athletes, bodybuilders, and sportsmen to people who don’t exercise at all.
• Also available at our online shop also are Burn capsules for men. Packed without coloring, fillers or harmful additives, this product is made from 100% plant-based substances so it’s especially suitable for vegans.
• Don’t miss out Slim capsules for men either. As an effective appetite suppressant, this weight loss product for men supports effective weight loss while providing your body with nourishing ingredients. It will not only boost your metabolism but benefit your thyroid function too.

The science behind Body’s Perfect weight loss products for men - FAQ

• Can I use Body’s Perfect shake to maintain my weight and grow muscles only?
Yes. You can both maintain your weight and grow muscles, and lose weight and strengthen your body, depending on your goals.
• What is the recommended daily dosage of Body’s Perfect weight loss products for men?
When it comes to Body’s Perfect weight loss shake for men the recommended daily dose is one to two times a day. If you want to maintain your weight, replace one meal with this shake, or lose weight by replacing two meals with this powerful product. The recommended daily consumption of Burn for men is 6 capsules with a glass of water. Take 3 capsules per day for the first week (acclimatization phase), and switch to 6 capsules from the second week. Take 2 capsules of Slim for men with a large glass of water 30 minutes before each meal daily.
• What are other benefits of Body’s Perfect weight loss products for men?
To make sure your body will get all the vitamins, minerals and proteins it needs, we’ve supplemented our shakes with many ingredients that, for example, contribute to normal cardiac function. Apart from this these ingredients will boost male potency and keep your thyroid healthy.
• Are there any chemicals or additives?
All of our products are packed with natural, organic ingredients without fillers or harmful colors.