WEIGHT LOSS SHAKE - The SHAKE for successful weight loss!

By replacing two of your daily main meals, you'll reach the needed calorie deficit your body requires in order to lose weight. By replacing one meal, you are able to maintain your weight. In addition, the high percentage of proteins in the WEIGHT LOSS SHAKE optimally supports your muscle definition phase. Thanks to cleverly combined high-quality proteins as well as the nutritious grain oats and the addition of the proven purely plant-based ingredient Glucomannan, it’s truly filling and fully replaces a complete main meal in a low-calorie way. Drink sufficient water throughout the day to get the best results and prevent cravings!


The BURN capsules developed by our experts consist of purely plant-based substances with enormous effects. 20 perfectly combined ingredients get your fat metabolism going. With the best ingredients, we guarantee maximum success with your body goals. Our ingredients have been meticulously selected by nutritionists for example green tea, L-carnitine and choline, which support your liver function, while substances such as ginger, cayenne pepper, zinc, selenium and Magnesium promote thyroid function, strengthen your immune system and help to balance testosterone levels.

SLIM - Satiation capsules

Our certified SLIM capsules are made purely from plant-based ingredients and support effective weight loss through a natural calorie deficit. The serving size of a meal is crucial to your weight loss, so we've developed capsules that really fill you up. The main ingredient of the SLIM capsules is the pure plant fiber glucomannan, which swells in your stomach and reduces your hunger sensation in a natural way, so you experience less cravings and nothing stands in the way of your diet. In combination with other valuable ingredients such as the Maca root powder, Vitamins B1 & B6 and Chrome, the SLIM capsules have a very positive effect on your metabolism, help regulate your blood sugar levels and thus optimally aid you in becoming fitter!