Fat metabolism activator with 19 ingredients Developed for women
Supports your fat metabolism  Supports your muscle functions
Supports your digestion Reduces fatigue
Promotes blood circulation Supports concentration and performance
100% Premium quality – Made in Germany Supports your immune system
Vegan and 100% pure vegetable casing No fillers - no dyes


The BURN capsules developed by our experts consist of purely plant-based substances with enormous effects. 19 perfectly combined ingredients get your fat metabolism going. With the best ingredients, we guarantee maximum success with your body goals. Our ingredients have been meticulously selected by nutritionists for example guarana, green tea, L-carnitine and choline, which support your fat metabolism and liver function, while substances such as ginger, cayenne pepper and magnesium contribute to your energy metabolism and muscle function while reducing fatigue.  

100% quality - no compromises

All of our products are certified with the EU health and marketability certificate and thus comply with the highest dietary supplement guidelines. Due to these quality attributes, we are also available in selected German and Austrian pharmacies and selected doctors.

Ingestion & correct dosage

We recommend the daily consumption of 6 capsules with a glass of water. The metabolic process and fat metabolism is strongly supported by the capsules, so we recommend taking 3 capsules per day for the first week (acclimatization phase), from the second week 6 capsules daily. Consumption time: 2 capsules in the morning (for breakfast), 2 capsules at noon (for lunch), 2 capsules in the evening (for dinner) latest 18:00 clock. Depending on the effect, the dosage can be adjusted. We recommend taking the capsules until the desired body goal is reached, however some ingredients only become effective after a constant consumption over a longer period of time.

Without dyes without fillers

Many manufacturers rely on gelatin from animal origin (pork fat) and on colored (also white) capsules, which due to the harmful colorants, are damaging to your health. We guarantee the highest quality here as well. Our capsules are made from 100% plant-based substances and don’t include harmful colorings or fillers.