Appetite suppressant / satiety capsules  Maximum satiation thanks to high-quality Glucomannan 
Developed for men
Calorie deficit without starving
Supports your energy metabolism 
Supports your diet phase
Helps maintain normal blood sugar levels
Supports your immune system 
100% Premium Quality - Made in Germany 
Supports your thyroid function
Vegan and 100% pure plant-based shell
No fillers - no dyes


Our SLIM capsules, specially optimized for men, were developed by experts according to the latest knowledge in science. They consist of very effective ingredients and perfectly support you in losing weight. The main ingredient of the SLIM capsules is the purely vegetable fibre GLUCOMANNAN, which swells in the stomach and reduces the feeling of hunger in a natural way. The right dosage of GLUCOMANNAN contributes to weight loss as part of a low-calorie diet. An overview of other effective ingredients contained in the SLIM capsules: VITAMIN B1 and VITAMIN B6, both of which support your energy metabolism. CHROME, which helps maintain normal blood sugar levels. With SELENIUM which supports your thyroid function. Selenium also supports your immune system and helps protect cells from oxidative stress. This product also contains the MACA ROOT extract which is well known from studies.


The Body's Perfect brand stands for effective weight loss. With our proven and high-quality products, we are partners of selected German and Austrian pharmacies and doctors. All of our products are manufactured in Germany according to the highest quality standards. Our production facilities have the following certifications: organic certificate, GMP certificate, ISO 20000 and 13485 certificate, FDA and dietary food. All of our products have been developed by our experts according to the latest knowledge in science and consist of carefully selected, high-quality ingredients.

Ingestion & correct dosage

Take 2 SLIM capsules (2 capsules = standard dosage) with a large glass of water approximately 30 minutes before the three main meals daily. In order to increase the effect and prevent food cravings as much as possible, at least 2 litres of water should be consumed per day. Recommended daily dose = 6 capsules. 

Without dyes, without fillers

Our SLIM capsules consist purely of natural and carefully selected ingredients that have been carefully processed. For the capsule shell, many manufacturers use animal gelatine (lard) as well as coloured (also white) capsules, which are harmful to our health due to the colouring agents. We guarantee the highest quality here too. Our capsules are made from 100% plant-based raw materials and don’t contain harmful colourings or fillers.