Do you want to strengthen your muscles or define your body? No matter what your body goals are - our Weight Loss Shake is versatile. You can replace a meal when you're in a hurry or drink the shake before or after your workout as a nutritious source of protein and energy. If you want to lose weight, you can replace two meals with our shake. Hereby, your body receives all the important nutrients with a small number of calories.


In support of our shake our BURN capsules were developed. But these are not just some ordinary “pills for burning fat”. Our BURN capsules can do much more. As their name suggests, they support the body's fat burning process and help melt excess fat faster. But what is even more important: they contain active ingredients that give you additional strength and energy. Anyone who thinks that this is pure chemistry, as is common in the industry, is wrong! Nature offers us so many unique ingredients that can support our bodies in a natural way and exactly some of these special ingredients are found in our BURN capsules: green tea powder, coffee bean extract and ginger rootstock powder are just a few of these energy bombs.

SLIM - Satiation capsules

Our SLIM capsules, specially optimized for women, were developed by experts according to the latest knowledge in science. They consist of very effective ingredients and perfectly support you in losing weight. The main ingredient of the SLIM capsules is the purely plant-based fibre GLUCOMANNAN, which swells in the stomach and reduces the feeling of hunger in a natural way. The right dosage of GLUCOMANNAN contributes to weight loss as part of a low-calorie diet. Here is an overview of other effective ingredients contained in the SLIM capsules: VITAMIN B1 and VITAMIN B6, both of which support energy metabolism. CHROME which helps maintain normal blood sugar levels. BIOTIN which supports metabolism of macronutrients and contributes to the maintenance of normal skin and hair and can therefore be very beneficial when losing weight. Our SLIM capsules also contain the GARCINIA CAMBOGIA fruit extract which is well-known from weight loss studies.