WEIGHT LOSS SHAKE Vegan (meal replacement)


For the preparation of a meal add 50 g powder (2 measuring spoons), 2 tsp vegetable oil * and 400-500ml water and vegetable milk in the following ratio: 50% water, and 50% vegetable milk, preferably unsweetened oat milk (optional soy, almond, rice - or coconut milk) in a shaker or blender and mix this.

* Vegetable oil with a lot of unsaturated fatty acids.


1. Acclimatization:

Our high-quality meal replacement provides you with everything your body needs to stay fit and active and in a low-calorie composition. Due to the versatile ingredients, we recommend a familiarization phase of 3 days. You replace one meal a day with a shake for the first 3 days.


2. Weight reduction:

In the weight loss phase, you replace two meals a day with one of our shakes until you reach your desired weight (day x). We definitely recommend replacing dinner with one of our shakes. Whether you prefer to enjoy your second shake as breakfast or lunch is entirely up to you.


3. Hold weight:

When you have reached your desired weight, it is now a matter of avoiding the yo-yo effect. The best way to do this is to gradually get your body used to the old circumstances. This means: Even during the weaning phase, you should take into account that your body has to get used to a change again. The best way to do this is to replace one meal daily with one of our shakes after your reduction phase for at least 10 weeks.


NOTE: Every body has to be prepared to take additional substances. Depending on age and diet, some ingredients only take effect after several weeks. In order to achieve the best long-term success, you should take our products for a longer period (we recommend at least 10 weeks). The time of taking meals is crucial! To achieve the best results in losing weight, we recommend taking the last meal of the day or the shake by 6 p.m. at the latest. If another meal is later taken, it should be as small and low in calories as possible. Taking meals late in the evening not only badly affects your digestion, it also affects your sleep, which also negatively affects your weight loss.