Guarana seed extract

Guarana is ideal for targeted weight loss and for the definition of the body, because it particularly promotes the fat metabolism. This helps the body to lose weight. The extract from the seeds of the guarana plant contains lots of caffeine. It is very stimulating and so dampens the feeling of hunger. Another important ingredient of guarana is tannins. They have a strong dehydrating effect. Waste products and toxins are transported out of the body. The body becomes slimmer and more defined. The body feels strong and energetic when guarana supplements are incorporated into the diet. Sport is easier. Guarana is also one of the seven best alternatives to coffee. The fibre in Guarana not only makes the body full for a long time, but also ensures regular digestion.

  • Fat metabolism
  • Satiety
  • Drainage
  • Digestion
  • Energy

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