Designed to help you get your dream body, the Body’s Perfect collection of weight loss products for women is all you will ever need to lose weight, get stronger, feel more energized and look radiant. Here, at Body’s Perfect shop you can find first-class weight loss products for women made for ultimate results.

All of our products are packed with healthy, natural ingredients, without chemicals and additives.

• Choose between two delicious flavors – vanilla and chocolate - and discover the magic of Body’s Perfect weight loss shake for women. The secret behind the remarkable results this product brings is in its ingredients. Firstly, it comes with a high percentage of proteins. Thanks to carefully selected proteins as well as the nutritious grain oats and the addition of the proven purely plant-based ingredient Glucomannan, this weight loss shake for women fully replaces a complete main meal in a low-calorie way.
• Another game-changing weight loss product for women you should check out comes in the form of capsules. Packed with healthy proteins, vitamins, and minerals, Burn for women is made from 100% plant-based substances and doesn’t include harmful colorings or fillers. It’s a great option for sport lovers, fitness enthusiasts and anyone who wants to get fit and strengthen their muscles.
• If you prefer vegan weight loss products, Slim capsules for women are for you. Made purely from plant-based ingredients and support effective weight loss. The serving size of a meal is crucial to your weight loss, so we've developed capsules that really fill you up.
• At our online shop you can also purchase special collections – Burn 3 - pack, weight loss plus package, weight loss shake 6 pack. There is even a professional shaker.

Weight loss products for women that set standards - FAQ

• Why is Body’s Perfect weight loss collection so effective?
In our products, the protein ratio has been raised to the maximum that your body can absorb from a meal. Thus, a shake provides you with 35g of the highest quality proteins, which have been combined with organic substances, vitamins and minerals in order to guarantee the best possible protein intake. The contained vitamin B6 aids the enzymes in splitting the proteins to transport the decomposed amino acids into the bloodstream.
• Apart from proteins, what else is there?
Apart from natural proteins that support muscle growth, Body’s Perfect weight loss shake, burn capsules and slim capsules include wondrous vitamin E, C and A as well as Folic acid, Selenium and versatile B vitamins.
• Are Body’s Perfect weight loss products for women natural?
Natural, yet powerful, all of our products are certified with the EU health and marketability certificate and thus comply with the highest dietary supplement guidelines. This is why we are also available in selected German and Austrian pharmacies and selected doctors.
• What is the recommended daily dosage of Body’s Perfect products?
For the best results use our weight loss meal replacement shake once or twice per day. When it comes to Burn for women we recommend the daily consumption of 6 capsules with a glass of water. As for the Slim for women take two capsules with a large glass of water 30 minutes before each meal daily.
• Are the any other benefits besides weight loss and building muscles?
Our weight loss products for women come with coenzyme Q10. This powerful antioxidant slows down the aging process and keeps your skin more elastic. Coenzyme Q10 also protects our skin from free radicals, UV rays and pollution.