The highest quality meal replacement product on the market Specially developed for the needs of the male body
With 25 important vitamins, minerals and trace elements With high-quality WHEY PROTEIN ISOLATE
Maximum nutrients - Minimal calories Reliably saturates for up to 5 hours
No more cravings Sweetened with honey
Zinc & Selenium for the maintenance of male potency 100% Premium Quality - Made in Germany

How does the shake work?

Losing weight is often anything but healthy. Many of us struggle through numerous unsuccessful diets without even realizing what they are doing to our bodies. Too often, so-called crash diets cause malnutrition. In retrospect, this only means that you have consumed far too little food and therefore important nutrients. Hereby you lose more water and muscle mass than fat. A diet like this cannot be sustainable in the long run - the body switches to "emergency mode" and this, in turn, leads to uncontrollable cravings and thus to the well-known yo-yo effect. Our shakes put an end to hunger and malnutrition! By replacing two of your three main meals a day, you can achieve the calorie deficit your body needs in order to lose weight without starving. High-quality proteins, 25 important vitamins, minerals and trace elements, nutritious oats and the purely plant-based ingredient Glucomannan effectively replace a complete main meal.


186,5 kcal






Nutrition facts 50g powder WEIGHT LOSS SHAKE for men.


"Seductively good taste"

Taste is an extremely important criterion when it comes to putting together the perfect supplement repertoire. After all, we have to take our supplements on a daily basis. Therefore, it was particularly important for us to develop a meal replacement that we look forward to every day! Do you love the taste of pudding, chocolate cake or vanilla ice cream? Our shakes come pretty close to these tasty treats! Customers worldwide are thrilled. We also got assistance from mother nature to help us with the sweetening - our shakes are refined with delicious bee honey, which gives our products a pleasant sweet taste. An additional great advantage of honey is that a smaller amount is sufficient in order to achieve the desired sweetness: Firstly, we save calories and secondly, honey is a lot healthier than conventional household sugar. Preparation tip: 50g shake powder with fresh, creamy Alpine milk + frozen or fresh fruit, depending on your preference. There are no limits to your imagination when creating a new, healthy shake that helps you lose weight on a daily basis.


Especially during the weight loss phase, it is important to consume enough protein so that the muscles are not weakened. Of course, you want to lose as much fat as possible without affecting the muscle mass negatively - our shakes contain up to 40g of the highest quality proteins, which have been combined in an optimal ratio with valuable substances in order to ensure the best possible protein intake. Many valuable ingredients such as vitamins, minerals and trace elements optimally support your bodily functions, strengthen your bones and serve as a power boost for your training!


It is extremely important to provide the body with valuable resources every day. Our high-quality meal replacement contains all these valuable ingredients such as vitamins, minerals and trace elements as well as high-quality proteins and a low proportion of high-quality carbohydrates. Our Weight Loss Shake not only supports you in losing weight, it is also a beneficial daily companion to keep your body fit and healthy.