The SHAKE for successful weight loss!

Certified meal replacement for weight loss and body definition Developed for men
With 25 essential vitamins, minerals and trace elements With the best WHEY PROTEIN ISOLATE for muscle development
Minimal calories in a full meal Maximum satiation up to 5 hours
Reduces cravings With bee honey and high-quality natural vitamin C
Strengthens potency and heart 100% premium quality - Made in Germany

How does the shake work?

By replacing two of your daily main meals, you'll reach the needed calorie deficit your body requires in order to lose weight. By replacing one meal, you are able to maintain your weight. In addition, the high percentage of proteins in the WEIGHT LOSS SHAKE optimally supports your muscle definition phase. Thanks to cleverly combined high-quality proteins as well as the nutritious grain oats and the addition of the proven purely plant-based ingredient Glucomannan, it’s truly filling and fully replaces a complete main meal in a low-calorie way. Drink sufficient water throughout the day to get the best results and prevent cravings!


186,5 kcal






Nutrition facts 50g powder WEIGHT LOSS SHAKE for men.


"Seductively good taste"

Let yourself be seduced by the lightness of our flavors on a daily basis and enjoy our creamy shake with its perfectly balanced sweetness in its purest form with fresh alpine milk, or with frozen or fresh fruits, depending on your preference. There are no boundaries to your imagination, therefore the possibilities are endless, when creating a new, healthy shake daily, which supports you in losing weight.

Best WHEY PROTEIN for your muscle power!

Our high-quality milk protein isolate ensures fast availability of the proteins in your body. Therefore, the shake is ideal after training and supports your muscle development effectively. In addition, our protein ratio has been raised to the maximum that your body can absorb from a meal. Thus, a shake provides you with 40g of the highest quality proteins, which have been combined with valuable substances in an optimal ratio in order to guarantee the best possible protein intake. The contained vitamin B6 aids the enzymes in splitting the proteins to transport the decomposed amino acids into the bloodstream. Through high-quality carbohydrates, such as the contained grain oats, your body releases more insulin. The increased insulin level helps the muscles, which helps the muscles in the absorption of amino acids. Other valuable ingredients such as vitamins, minerals and trace minerals also help in the absorption of proteins, strengthen your bones and joints and serve as a power boost for your Training!

Enhances your well-being and promotes potency and heart function

Especially for enthusiastic athletes and men who do not follow a well-balanced, healthy diet it is important to provide the body with the valuable resources it needs in order to stay fit and healthy on a daily basis. Therefore, we’ve supplemented our shakes with many valuable ingredients that, for example, contribute to normal cardiac function as well as other ingredients, which boost male potency and keep you healthy. The WEIGHT LOSS SHAKE is thus perfectly adapted to the needs of the male body to best support it in every situation.