Black pepper fruit extract

The health and slimming effect of the pepper we owe, according to previous scientific results, to the plant active ingredient piperine, which can be found, among other things, in the shell of the pepper. Piperin produces the pungency in the pepper - and also inhibits the formation of fat cells, as researchers from Sejong University in Seoul have found out in a study. A further role is played by the bitter substances contained in black pepper. They should positively influence the metabolism. The sharpness also activates the so-called thermogenesis, which ensures that the body produces heat and converts fat into energy. As a result, pepper not only stops the formation of new problem areas, but even eliminates existing fat deposits. Smooth and healthy digestion also affects how much you weigh. Black pepper is also helpful here: Piperine also stimulates the production of digestive juices and digestive enzymes and increases the activity of the intestine (intestinal villi). As a result, foods are digested faster.

  • Fat metabolism
  • Prevention of fat storage
  • Digestion

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