Wholegrain oat flour

Oats are a grain bursting with a concentrate of nutrients and health-promoting substances. They provide heat and energy. No other grain comes even approximately close as an energy provider.  The carbohydrates in oats are very high quality and easily digestible. Top athletes also use oats as a fast source of energy. Oat is the purest "natural doping agent" and strengthens the muscle power. Oats alone already meet the needs of six of the eight essential amino acids. These promote cellular respiration, building of muscle, tendons and glands. Oats have a cholesterol-lowering effect, especially when combined with vegetables. The vitamin K contained in the oats is a crucial blood coagulation factor. Oat contains estrogens and thus mildly regulates hormone balance. It improves cognitive abilities in the brain and is a stimulant due to certain endogenous agents.

Oats have more calcium, iron, manganese, silicon and zinc than other grains and plenty of magnesium. Furthermore, vitamin B1, B2, B5, E, K, pantothenic acid, biotin, folic acid, potassium, cobalt, copper, chromium, fluorine, molybdenum, phosphorus, niacin, selenium, iodine, mucilage, high-quality protein building blocks, linoleic acid and lecithin. Proportion of protein 13%, carbohydrates 61%, vegetable fat 7%, of which a large part is unsaturated fatty acid.

  • Highest quality energy dispenser
  • Muscle building
  • Cholesterol lowering effect
  • Clotting
  • Cognitive skills
  • Pick-me-up

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